Fitness and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are quickly trending towards each other and this creates the unique opportunity to build, retain and grow your business.

Together, the coach and the student will engage in a conversation of movement. It is a process that requires intuition, anticipation, and action.  

In practice there is a dynamic transfer of leadership: Coach becomes student; Student becomes coach.  

As a student and future coach you will learn:

  •  A clear and simple approach to incorporating the fundamental techniques of Western Boxing and Muay Thai into traditional training programs.
  • The pad skills to create a highly effective workout while maintaining an enjoyable environment.
  • How to properly use equipment and become confident holding pads while cueing progressive combinations, both basic and advanced.
  • The ability to teach 1-on-1, small groups, special populations or class training formats.
  • Corrective techniques for safety issues such as proper alignment, progressive overload, injury reduction, and regressions for pre-existing conditions.