Fight to be Fit is a course for fitness professionals. Enhance your coaching by incorporating our unique approach to helping your clients improve their:

• speed and force

• balance and coordination

• posture and range of motion

• cardiovascular and fascial fitness

Learn techniques distilled from training regimens used for centuries by boxers and martial artists to achieve and maintain peak form. Our curriculum is based on Muay Thai fighting—known as "the art of eight limbs"—and covers a comprehensive range of foundational skills:

• stances and footwork

• hand and leg strikes

• defensive movements and countering maneuvers

• movement preparation and recovery drills

• breathing and visualization

• shadowboxing and padwork

We show you how to integrate these techniques into a traditional fitness program, and how to customize our system to fit your target audience, whether you are coaching one client or fifty, beginners or career athletes. We emphasize safety from day one, and encourage the pursuit of lifelong discipline rather than "instant" changes that are short-lived.

Add value to your business and earn continuing education credit toward your ACE, NASM, or NSCA certification. Our proven method creates real results your clients can see and feel, and gives you a distinctive edge in today's marketplace of interchangeable personal trainers. Foster long-term coaching relationships by teaching your clients how to Fight to be Fit.